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At 5 Star Legal Weed, it's our mission to assist you in making great informed choices to meet your best medical marijuana needs. Here we offer a variety of cannabis strains seeds, cannabis oils, legal weed, marijuana seeds, weed, medical marijuana card and products in a safe, clean and wonderful environment. To provide all of you with comfort, facilitate in healing and put you along the world of wellness. Here at 5 star legal weed we also provide products for recreational use such as strains, as anyone without or with medical marijuana card are always welcomed. Five Star Legal Weed is always committed to providing our clients with the best quality services, marijuana seeds, weed, cannabis seeds & oil products available within the industry. We offer you synthetic weed online, medical marijuana online, cannabis seeds, hash oil, marijuana seeds onlinecannabis oil, THC oil,  and many more other marijuana categorized products.

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Safety and Security

From the very moment you enter on our grounds or our website platform, you should have a feeling secureness and welcome at each and every step or touch of button. From at the very front of marijuana online store, wholesale store to our high quality staff members and all of our medicinal top products, Five Star Legal Weed provides the BEST safety standards within this industry.

Our customer care service is without a doubt up to standards and are available 24/7 to answer all of your inquires, every single page and information provided is guarded by a secure firewall. At each and every, visit at our shop, you will be automatically welcomed by our knowledgeable staff members and the security team will fully ensure your peace of mind. The facility is structured to promote a secure experience for both our customers and our staff.

Our Staff

Our mission is simply just three–folds –education, healing and discovery.

The 5  Star staff is trained to provide our customers with a fabulous experience right throughout. We do have a trained medical staff, which is on–site only, ready to provide the best medicinal options according to your diagnosis and symptoms.

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